I went for a couple weeks feeling light and happy or content at least with a positive attitude and good mindset but I somehow sunk into my old habits and all I feel is sad and angry and irritated and like I hate life again.

I don’t even know why I am tripping about this because I already saw this coming. You acted like you didn’t even have me. You barely talked to me for almost a month, and started talking to other people. I’m just glad that my feelings for you aren’t there anymore. It just frustrates me that you made me wait that long.

I smoked my last pack of cigarettes that I’ve been saving for these kinds of situation. But I’m done now. Starting now, I will be smoke free.

But fuck you. I fought for this for a long time and all you’re gonna do is leave? That’s just absurd. You wasted my time by making me wait and at the end you tell me is that it’s not the same anymore? No shit its not the same anymore. You stopped trying and you left me hanging by myself for quite a while. All my time and effort to waste. I just can’t believe it.

I’m the type of guy who would be quiet about my problems to the public, but confront you if there’s a problem between us. I never really talk about my problems with people anymore because they never understand or actually listen. Instead, I would just smoke. I know it’s bad but i just have to learn how to cope with it by myself.






You can’t see it but he was in tears when he was free styling. I can relate to what every word he says and it’s just coming out straight from the heart of what he still feels.

I dont post stuff like this stuff but this brought shivers down my spine. he looks so hurt and I can relate to this so damn much.

I think this guy said what a lot of us struggle to put into words


Seen this so many times. Love it.